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Graduate Research Students' Appeals Committee

A committee of Academic Board


Meetings for the Graduate Research Students’ Appeals Committee are held as required.

Committee contact

Molly Lamping Fleck
Senior Governance Support Officer
Tel: 02 9514 1235

Composition and membership

Composition Panel membership
Chair appointed from panel members nominated by the deans under Rule 17.2.1(2) Associate Professor Nick Hopwood, Arts and Social Science
Associate Professor Carmel Foley, Business
Professor Perry Forsythe, Design, Architecture and Building
Associate Professor Terri Libesman, Law
Professor John Ellis, Science
Professor Louise McWhinnie, Transdisciplinary Innovation
Two academic staff members with experience in supervision of graduate research students appointed from panel members nominated by the deans under Rule 17.2.1(2) Dr Alex Munt, Arts and Social Sciences
Dr Sanjoy Paul, Business
Professor Penelope Allan, Design, Architecture and Building
Professor JC Li, Engineering and Information Technology
Dr Jack Wang, Engineering and Information Technology
Professor Katherine Biber, Law
Dr Elyse Metheven, Law
Dr Hanyu Gu, Science
Dr Pawan Sharma, Science
Associate Professor Barbara Stewart , Science
Professor Kees Dorst, Transdisciplinary Innovation
Graduate research students of the University who have been enrolled at the University for at least one year, appointed from panel members nominated by the deans under Rule 17.2.1(2) ChiChi Nwosu, Arts and Social Sciences
Tilly South, Business
Danon Jalali, Design, Architecture and Building
Amin Shafaghat, Engineering and Information Technology
Min Xie, Engineering and Information Technology
Adam Booker, Law
Ghaith Al-Badri, Science

Terms of reference

  1. The Graduate Research Students Appeals’ Committee shall make determinations on graduate research student appeals against discontinuation of candidature on grounds of unsatisfactory progress pursuant to Rule 11.23.2(1) or unsatisfactory examination pursuant to Rule 11.23.2(2).
  2. In cases where an appeal is upheld, the Graduate Research Students’ Appeals Committee may also make recommendations to facilitate the implementation of a remedy appropriate to the circumstances of the matters in question. These recommendations must comply with UTS rules, policies and procedures, including the Student Rules and the Graduate Research School’s policies and procedures.

Membership term

Two-year term of office to 31 December 2020.

Panel members may be appointed for no more than three consecutive terms.


The Graduate Research Students’ Appeals Committee Procedures (PDF) govern the committee’s operation and clarify the roles and responsibilities of committee members.

The procedures are approved by Academic Board in accordance with Rules 17.5.3 and 17.5.4 and they supplement Rules 17.5 to 17.8, which outline general procedures for all appeals committees of Academic Board.