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Board of Studies of the Connected Intelligence Centre

A committee of Academic Board

The Board of Studies of the Connected Intelligence Centre (the board) was established in 2014 to advise the centre director on academic matters in respect of courses of study at the Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC), and on issues relating to students and not otherwise covered under the UTS Rules.

Committee contact

Gabrielle Gardiner
Senior Manager, CIC
Tel: 02 9514 9978

Composition and membership

Composition Membership
Director, CIC Professor Simon Buckingham Shum
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor Peter Scott
Responsible Academic Officer Dr Kirsty Kitto
Senior Manager, CIC Gabrielle Gardiner
Director, Institute for Interactive Multimedia and Learning, or nominee Associate Professor Jacqui McManus
Three academics from faculties or relevant applied research institutes nominated by the Director, CIC and approved by the relevant deans/directors Professor Saba Bebawi, Arts and Social Sciences

Associate Professor Ann Reich, Arts and Social Sciences

Dr Simon Knight, Transdisciplinary Innovation
One postgraduate student member, elected by and from the postgraduate students of the CIC Gloria Fernandez Nieto

Terms of reference

Subject to the Rules and the resolutions of Council and Academic Board, including the strategic direction and priorities set for the university, the board will have a responsibility to assess the quality of, and provide direction to, the academic work of the centre, including teaching, learning, scholarship, research and research training.

In particular, the board:

  1. is charged with advising Academic Board, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students) and other senior officers of the CIC on matters such as the strategic academic direction of the centre, academic standards, academic quality assurance and management of academic risk
  2. shall exercise such responsibilities and powers as are assigned to it by Academic Board and Council from time to time, and consider and report on all matters which are referred to it by the Academic Board, the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students), and the Director, CIC and make recommendations where appropriate
  3. shall consider proposals for the introduction of new courses and major changes to existing courses, reaccreditation or discontinuation of existing courses, changes to course nomenclature or course classification and make recommendations on these to the Vice-Chancellor and the Academic Board and its committees as appropriate
  4. shall maintain and develop courses to ensure a vital and contemporary relationship between UTS faculties and the professional fields which they seek to serve
  5. may refer any matter to a relevant sub-committee of the board or an academic unit of the CIC, for report
  6. may establish such committees as it deems appropriate to assist the CIC’s work, noting:
    1. some committees are mandated by Academic Board or Council resolution or Rules and policy instruments
    2. it is not required that any or all of the members of a committee are members of the board
    3. a sitting chair of a board committee, unless an ex officio position, is ineligible to be renominated if completion of the designated term would result in a member serving more than five consecutive years as chair of that committee
    4. the Director, CIC may, if he or she so desires, convene and/or preside at a meeting of a board committee
    5. the Director, CIC shall be an ex officio member of all committees of the board
  7. shall recommend to the Academic Board and its committees as appropriate the minimum requirements that will provide eligibility for entry to particular courses of study of the CIC
  8. shall submit to the Academic Board the names of students who have completed courses of study together with recommendations as to the award (including the grading) which should be made in each case
  9. shall carry out the duties prescribed for faculty boards in the Rules, delegations and policies of the university
  10. shall consult with the Graduate Research School Board should there be doctoral or other higher degree by research programs offered through the CIC.

Membership term

The length of membership term for boards of studies will be two years for staff (including co-opted members) and one year for students, commencing from 1 January, consistent with the term of membership for members of faculty boards.

Number of meetings

Minimum of two scheduled meetings per year.


The quorum for the board shall be one-half of its members or the next higher whole number (excluding vacant positions and any members on recognised leave).


There are currently no sub-committees of the board.

The board may establish sub-committees as appropriate.

Change history

  1. Academic Board approved amendments to the composition of the board at 16/3 meeting held on 27 July 2016 (AB/16-3/52).
  2. Academic Board approved amendments to the composition of the board at 17/1 meeting held on 15 March 2017 (AB/17-1/17).
  3. Academic Board approved recommendations clarifying length of term and term commencement date for the board at 17/1 meeting held on 15 March 2017 (AB/17-1/18).
  4. Academic Board approved amendments to the composition and terms of reference of the board at 18/1 meeting held on 28 March 2018 (AB/18-1/15).