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Executive Committee

A committee of Academic Board

The Executive Committee is an advisory committee to the Chair of Academic Board and its committees, providing support for the business of Academic Board and ensuring that Academic Board’s work assists UTS to achieve its strategy and vision.

2022 meeting dates

Tuesday 22 February
Thursday 7 April (reserve)
Tuesday 10 May
Tuesday 5 July
Tuesday 23 August (reserve)
Tuesday 13 September
Tuesday 1 November
Tuesday 29 November

Time: 12.30pm to 1.30pm, except for the Thursday 7 April meeting, which will be from 3pm to 4pm
Location: level 4A, boardroom, Chancellery, building 1, Broadway, or via Zoom

Committee contact

Dr Jacqueline Rule
Executive Officer (Governance Support)
Tel: 02 9514 1464

Composition and membership

Composition Membership
Chair, Academic Board (as Chair) Professor Anthony Dooley
Deputy Chair, Academic Board (as Deputy Chair) Associate Professor Lynn Sinclair
University Secretary William Paterson
Chair, Courses Accreditation Committee Professor Sara Denize
Deputy Chair, Courses Accreditation Committee Associate Professor Lynn Sinclair
Chair, Research Committee Professor Kate McGrath
Deputy Chair, Research Committee Professor Helene de Burgh-Woodman
Chair, Teaching and Learning Committee Professor Joanne Gray
Deputy Chair, Teaching and Learning Committee Associate Professor Anne Gardner

Terms of reference

  1. Develop, monitor and review annual program of business for Academic Board (including that of the board’s committees) to ensure that Academic Board conducts business as per its terms of reference to achieve the university’s strategic objectives.
  2. Provide advice and direction to Chair of Academic Board (and its committees), in relation to business of Academic Board (and its committees).
  3. Consider urgent matters which require executive action of Chair, Academic Board (as per Council delegation) and which cannot be deferred until the next scheduled meeting of the board.
  4. Advise Academic Board on any other matters referred to the Executive Committee by Academic Board.
  5. Monitor progress on Academic Board’s key focus areas.
  6. Determine the accreditation of proposed or existing award courses on their academic merit, and the removal of the accreditation of award courses. Any such approvals by Executive Committee of Academic Board will be reported back to Academic Board at its next meeting.

Number of meetings

The committee shall meet a minimum of four times per year and otherwise as required.


The quorum shall be one-half of the current members of the committee, if one-half is not a whole number, the next higher whole number shall be used.

Vacant positions on the committee do not count toward the total membership of which one-half is required to reach a quorum.