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Thinking about Plagiarism – Ethical Dilemmas of the Internet Era

Academic Board forum, 21 April 2004


The Academic Board forum 'Thinking about Plagiarism – Ethical Dilemmas of the Internet Era' was held on Wednesday 21 April 2004. The aim of the forum was to stimulate debate about the challenges posed by the issue of plagiarism, and posed the following questions for discussion:

  • Does our traditional understanding of plagiarism and copyright, both concepts which have been developed for a print age, still apply, or does our understanding have to be fundamentally modified for the internet era?
  • Are notions of originality and ownership of content universal? What are the cultural elements? Do we need different models for different cultural groups or for different disciplines?
  • What are the key challenges facing universities in the areas of copyright and plagiarism, and how will UTS respond to these challenges?
  • Are we preparing and benefiting graduates for their post-university experiences in the internet era, and advancing research in this area?

Speakers included Dale Spender, Joyce Kirk, Alastair Pennycook, Rebekah Doran, Peter Kandlbinder, Andrew Litchfield and Alex Barthel.

Forum papers

Alex Barthel, Thinking about plagiarism (PDF)

Peter Kandlbinder, Food for Thought (PDF)

Joyce Kirk, Thinking about Plagiarism (PDF)

Dale Spender – Keynote speaker, Thinking about Plagiarism (PDF)