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Review of Academic Board governance structure and composition


The aim of the review was to identify how Academic Board currently achieves its objectives and whether its efficiency and effectiveness could be improved.


In September 2016, UTS engaged Professor Hilary Winchester, former provost of Central Queensland University and a specialist in higher education quality assurance, to undertake the review. Professor Winchester consulted members of UTS Council, Academic Board and its committees, and the Senior Executive, and provided a report in December, which included 21 key recommendations. Further consultations were held to seek feedback on the recommendations.


The board considered changes to the terms of reference (TOR) and composition of Academic Board and its major committees (except the Courses Accreditation Committee) and at its August meeting:

  • approved the new TOR and composition for the Executive Committee of Academic Board, the Graduate Research School Board, the Research Committee (replacing the Research and Research Training Committee) and the Teaching and Learning Committee, effective 1 January 2018
  • approved dissolution of the Academic Administration Committee (effective 9 August 2017), thanking the committee and its members for their valuable contribution
  • recommended to Council changes to Academic Board's TOR and composition, and
  • noted that the role of Academic Board members was to demonstrate academic leadership. Academic leadership in this context is manifested through careful preparation for meetings enabling thoughtful and considered engagement in discussion and debate. The leadership shown through this discussion and debate provides assurance to the Council that the board is contributing to the achievement of UTS's strategic direction.

At its 17/5 meeting Council approved the changes to Academic Board's TOR and composition, effective 1 January 2018. The board's new TOR align with the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015 (Cwlth).

Report and minutes

For the full report and confirmed minutes of the 9 August meeting, contact the Executive Officer (Governance Support) below.


Komal Jagad
Executive Officer (Governance Support)
Tel: 02 9514 1464