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Committees of Council

The committees of the Council are focused and skills-based bodies with the necessary technical expertise to deal with matters efficiently and effectively, and promote discussion of the relevant strategic issues at Council meetings.

Academic Board

Academic Board has specific delegations from Council for determining academic matters. Academic Board advises Council on the university's core business of teaching, learning and research.

Council works with Academic Board to ensure appropriate quality mechanisms are in place for assuring and enhancing academic provision and standards.

Audit and Risk Committee

Provides independent assurance and assistance to the Council in relation to the university's risk, control and compliance framework, and its external accountability responsibilities.

Commercial Activities Committee

Advises Council on all matters relating to the university's commercial activity. It takes action as appropriate, to assess, approve and monitor commercial activity.

Finance Committee

Advises Council on matters relating to the distribution and supervision of university finances and acts on behalf of Council in areas of delegated authority.

Governance Committee

Advises Council on matters relating to university governance, in particular on the planning and development of Council's skills, knowledge and experience.

Honorary Awards Committee

Advises Council on policy relating to honorary awards and recommends nominations for honorary awards.

Joint Subcommittee Audit and Risk Committee and Finance Committee

The Joint Subcommittee of the Audit and Risk Committee and Finance Committee reviews and reports, as required, to those committees.

Nominations Committee

Recommends to Council candidates whom Council may, either nominate to the Minister for appointment as Council members, or appoint as Council members.

Physical Infrastructure Committee

Advises Council on capital development and management matters within the context of the capital works budget.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee advises Council on the Vice-Chancellor's and Provost's performance.

Student/Council Liaison Group

The Student/Council Liaison Group is a forum for UTS students, members of the UTS Council and UTS senior management to discuss matters of UTS policy and governance relevant to the student body.