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Commercial Activities Committee

The Commercial Activities Committee advises Council on all matters relating to the university’s commercial activity. It takes action as appropriate, to assess, approve and monitor commercial activity.

2021 meeting dates

Wednesday 17 March (reserve)
Wednesday 26 May
Wednesday 4 August
Wednesday 27 October

Time: meetings commence at 8am


Position Member Current term 
Chair Dr Jack Steele 1 November 2020 to 31 October 2022
Member (Council) Dr Sue Barrell 14 April 2021 to 31 October 2022
Member (Council) Peter Bennett 1 November 2020 to 31 October 2022
External member Bill Trestrail 1 November 2020 to 31 October 2022
External member Dr Merilyn Sleigh 1 November 2020 to 31 October 2022
Vice-Chancellor or nominee Professor Glenn Wightwick ex-officio

Positions on the committee are in accordance with its composition.

Committee contact

Deborah Crook
Executive Officer (Governance Support)
Tel: 02 9514 1240

Terms of reference

Strategic Intent

Commercial activity is an increasingly important aspect of UTS’s operations in building its standing as a prominent university of technology. In particular, commercial activities are at the heart of UTS’s strategy for expanding its educational reach and influence, and ensuring impact from its research. As well, commercial activity facilitates effective use of the university’s resources and provides a channel for undertaking new ventures and building and diversifying income sources.

The role of the Commercial Activities Committee is to advise Council on the effectiveness of the governance, risk management and legal compliance of these activities, taking into account their overall performance. Oversight applies both to establishing new activities, and to ongoing activities and entities. The primary function of the committee is in monitoring and evaluating risk, with an underlying aim of ensuring that commercial activities are set up and pursued consistent with the achievement by UTS of its strategic goals.

Terms of reference

To fulfil this strategic governance role, the Commercial Activities Committee undertakes the following specific functions in regard to the commercial activities specified in the Commercial Activities Policy:

  1. Advises Council on:
    • the governance, performance and risk profile of UTS controlled entities
    • the establishment (where it is a required decision) and governance and risk management of current or proposed UTS commercial activities, with particular emphasis on those activities of potentially higher risk, and those of particular significance to the achievement by UTS of its strategic goals
    • compliance issues related to UTS commercial activities
    • any amendments required to improve the effectiveness of governance, policy, risk and compliance management frameworks of UTS commercial activities.
  2. Approves courses of action related to specific commercial activities, in accordance with UTS Delegations and the Commercial Activities Policy.


Commercial activities are defined in the UTS Commercial Activities Policy.

Controlled entities are those specified in the UTS Controlled Entities Reporting Protocol.

Governance framework for UTS commercial activities includes:

Risk and compliance management frameworks for UTS commercial activities includes:

  • the risk profile of UTS commercial activities,
  • any individual high-risk commercial activities,
  • strategies to manage significant risks, and
  • the Register of Commercial Activities.


The Commercial Activities Committee consists of the following positions:

  • Chair — one of the external members of Council who have been appointed to Council for expertise in commercial activities
  • Four other members, of whom:
    • all should have strategic commercial skills and experience
    • up to two may also be members of Council with qualifications and experience related to the operations of the university
  • Vice-Chancellor or nominee (ex-officio)