University of Technology, Sydney

Teaching and Learning Committee — election of academic staff

Election of three academic staff
Term two years: 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2024
Electorate Only members of the 2023 Academic Board are eligible to vote in this ballot.
A list of the 2023 Academic Board members can be found here.
Ballot opens Tuesday 8 November 2022
closes at 3pm Tuesday 22 November 2022
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Candidates in ballot paper order

Candidates’ statements

Mario Fiorini

I am a former Academic Board Teaching and Learning Committee member and have had similar roles at the Faculty level. I teach subjects at several stages: first-year undergraduate, electives, Honours and PhD. I am also an active researcher with publications in international peer-reviewed journals. Therefore, I understand many challenges academics face in teaching: delivery modes, classroom engagement, teaching spaces, assessment types, and time constraints. If elected, I will strive to communicate the needs of academics and students while working with the university to provide the best learning experience and implement its 2027 strategy.

Megan Murray

I am the Associate Head of School, Teaching and Learning, for the School of Life Sciences. Each of our current UTS students and alumni community members chose our vibrant university as the path to take them to where they want to go in life. As a UTS academic, it’s my responsibility to support our staff and students, ensuring all students receive ample opportunities to develop and succeed as emerging professionals on their journey towards their career destinations.

I am deeply committed to enhancing education and the student experience at UTS. I aim to join the UTS Teaching and Learning Committee to better engage with our strategic initiatives within the teaching and learning space. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about my experience or perspective.

Katie Schlenker

I am an Associate Professor in the Management Department in the UTS Business School. I have previously held positions as the Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee, and subsequently, Deputy Head (Teaching and Learning) for the Management Department. In both positions, I have led activities designed to support academics in delivering high quality, student-oriented teaching programs and learning practices. In 2017, I served as an academic staff representative on the Teaching and Learning Committee of Academic Board. I would welcome another chance to serve on this important committee, especially to contribute now to discussions around the future of learning and teaching in line with UTS2027. I will bring to the role a passion for learning and teaching matters as well as a commitment to represent the academic voice in discussions surrounding the University’s strategic directions for learning and teaching.

Christina Ho

I am an Associate Professor in Social and Political Sciences in FASS. Since 2004 I have engaged with UTS governance and policy through active membership of Academic Board, FASS Faculty Board, School of Communication Teaching and Learning Committee, and as Coordinator of the Social and Political Sciences discipline. I am the recipient of multiple UTS awards, including the 2020 UTS Medal for Excellence in Teaching and Research and the 2017 UTS Teaching and Learning Award (learning.futures). In 2020 I was named The Australian’s ‘Field Leader’ in Ethnic and Cultural Studies, and my work is regularly cited in the media. I was previously on TLC filling in for a member on leave, and made active contributions to discussions of assessment, internships, and curriculum design. I was nominated by Shirley Alexander to join the Large Collaborative Classes Working Group. I would like to continue contributing to the work of the TLC.

James Wakefield

My name is Dr James Wakefield, and I am a Senior Lecturer in the UTS Business School Accounting Discipline. I have extensive experience leading and working in teams to uplift student experience through improving learning outcomes, engagement and belonging across undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Coupled with this experience, I undertake extensive research in teaching and learning, reflected in a series of publications in high-ranking education and accounting journals. The impact of my educational contributions at UTS and more broadly has been recognised in individual and team awards and citations from Universities Australia, ABDC, OLT, AFAANZ, CAANZ and UTS. I am currently a First and Further Year Experience Coordinator and MBA Program Director. Previously I coordinated first-year undergraduate accounting, one of the largest subjects at UTS. These roles are further to extensive service experience, including accounting discipline TLC chair, faculty TLC member and leading the BBus review in the accounting discipline.

Amanda White

I am an education-focused Senior Lecturer in the UTS Business School. In my twenty years at UTS, I have designed, implemented and led significant changes in the way that we facilitate teaching and learning. We are facing a future of challenges – both external, including international and domestic enrolments and government funding; and internal, including classroom capacity constraints and increased demands on the university workforce resulting from pandemic job losses. I seek a place on TLC to help shape the future of teaching and learning – one that balances the needs of students with the capacity and well-being of academic professional staff. I have experience in leadership related to teaching and learning (Deputy Head, Education for Accounting and previous TLC member), academic integrity (leading the UTSB Integrity unit and engaging in research) and assessment (co-authoring the framework for online assessment for the Australian Business Deans Council).

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