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As the current situation evolves, UTS is committed to providing support and flexibility to our staff and students to help manage the impacts of COVID-19.

While the university’s policies and procedures continue to apply, temporary adjustments to specific provisions within these documents may be required.

For more information and support in relation to policy applicability please contact the UTS Policy team on

Further information on the UTS response to COVID-19 and frequently asked questions is available on the UTS Coronavirus advice page.

What are policies?

At UTS, policies are high-level authoritative statements that set out governing principles and objectives to guide university practice and decision-making. UTS policies are mandatory for the people and areas they apply to.

UTS policies are managed by the university’s Policy Framework and Policy Management Procedures, and are developed to:

  • formally establish the university’s position on an issue or subject
  • support staff in making decisions
  • provide transparency
  • implement principles of good governance
  • be explicit about behavioural expectations and conduct.

For information on developing, reviewing or maintaining your policies, contact the Senior Advisor, Governance and Policy.

Policies at UTS are undergoing change as part of the Unleash UTS initiative. For more information, see Unleash UTS policy simplification project (staff only).

Finding policies

All current and enforceable UTS policies are required to be published on this UTS policy website, which is the authorised electronic repository.

Policies are found via three indexes:

The search option available on some UTS websites can also be used to search for policies.

For further assistance, contact the Senior Advisor, Governance and Policy.

Policy review

As part of the ‘Unleash UTS’ project, UTS is currently reviewing its suite of governance instruments, including the delegations, policies, Vice-Chancellor’s directives, codes, charters, strategies and university-level procedures.

Instruments that are under review or scheduled for review are also current and enforceable until they are replaced, updated or rescinded.

Policy contact

Elizabeth Miller
Senior Advisor, Governance and Policy
T 02 9514 7810