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Teaching and Learning Intellectual Property Procedures




Procedural statements

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1. Purpose

1.1 The Teaching and Learning Intellectual Property Procedures (the procedures) outline the requirements for UTS owned or managed intellectual property (IP) generated from the university’s teaching and learning activities. These procedures support the implementation of the Intellectual Property Policy (the policy).

2. Scope

2.1 These procedures apply to IP developed or acquired as part of the university’s teaching and learning activities.

2.2 These procedures apply to all those under the scope of the policy. These procedures apply to students where students are engaged as staff or where students facilitate in the development of course and educational materials under the scope of the policy.

2.3 IP related to research activities is out of scope of these procedures (refer Research Intellectual Property Procedures).

3. Principles

3.1 The principles outlined in the policy apply for these procedures.

4. Procedural statements

4.1 UTS owns all IP created or generated by staff in the course of, or in connection with, their employment at the university, in line with the policy. The policy should be read and referenced in conjunction with these procedures.

Course and educational materials

4.2 Staff must ensure that all course and educational materials (including subject descriptions) are correctly added to appropriate digital repositories including CASS (Curriculum and Student Systems), CIS (Curriculum Information System), the university's existing learning management system (eg Canvas) and any associated media-specific learning technologies approved by the university from time to time.

4.3 Staff should be aware of copyright issues and access conditions when adding materials to a digital repository. Further information about copyright is available from:

4.4 Further guidance on good practices in managing educational material is available at Manage your content, published by the UTS Library.

Intellectual property and Indigenous knowledge

4.5 Particular care should be taken when considering the use or reuse of Indigenous knowledges or teaching materials created incorporating Indigenous knowledges. The permission of the original knowledge holder or creator should be obtained where possible and attribution included. Consideration should be given to the integrity of the original material and the suitability of the material in the new context. Advice can be sought from the Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research.

Commissioned works

4.6 Requests for exceptions to the university's ownership of commissioned works (as outlined in the policy) must be made in writing and approved by the responsible delegate in the relevant faculty.

4.7 Faculty delegates must ensure that any alternative ownership arrangements are confirmed in writing by way of contract or other agreement. Faculties may request further detail or justification. Faculty delegates may also request additional guidance from UTS Legal Services or other relevant experts in making a determination.

4.8 Faculty delegates must keep records of all approved exceptions or alternate arrangements in relation to commissioned works in line with the policy and these procedures. These approvals must be provided in an annual summary report to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) for appropriate governance and oversight.

Digital media as course materials

4.9 Any course material provided as a recording of video and/or livestreaming will be governed by UTS Audio Visual Services processes. Visitors and guests, including visiting academics, will be required to sign a participant's appearance release form, which assigns to UTS all existing and future IP rights (including copyright) in and to any recording and any material created as a result of the participant's participation in the recording. The participant acknowledges that, as between the parties, UTS will be the sole owner of all rights, title and interest (including copyright) in and to the recordings.


4.10 Students undertaking an internship should treat any IP generated as part of that internship as IP of the host organisation, unless they have an agreement with the host organisation that identifies IP as belonging to the student.

5. Procedural ownership and support

5.1 Procedural owners:

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students) is responsible for the approval and implementation of these procedures in line with the Intellectual Property Policy.

The Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) is responsible for these procedures and acts as a central point of contact for its provisions.

6. Definitions

The following definitions are in addition to the definitions outlined in the Intellectual Property Policy and Schedule 1, Student Rules.

Curriculum and Student System (CASS) is defined in the Award Course Approval and Publication Procedures.

Curriculum Information System (CIS) is defined in the Award Course Approval and Publication Procedures.

Course and educational material is defined in the Intellectual Property Policy.

Subject descriptions are defined in the Subject Descriptions and Subject Outlines Policy.

Approval information

Policy contact Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Approval authority Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students)
Review date 2023
File number UR20/1565
Superseded documents New procedures

Version history

Version Approved by Approval date Effective date Sections modified
1.0 Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students) 08/10/2020 19/11/2020 New procedures.

PDF version

Teaching and Learning Intellectual Property Procedures (PDF 173KB)


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