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1. Purpose

1.1 The Parking Policy (the policy) outlines how parking spaces are provided to staff, students and visitors at UTS.

2. Scope

2.1 This policy is applicable to all staff, students, affiliates and visitors to all UTS campuses and leased UTS premises.

3. Principles

3.1 Parking spaces are provided and administered in order to meet the university’s business needs and strategic requirements.

4. Policy statements

Parking space allocation and conditions of use

4.1 In January of each year, UTS Security Services send out parking allocation letters, which enable Deputy Vice-Chancellors, faculties and units (hereafter faculties) to nominate for parking allocations for the upcoming year.

4.2 Parking spaces are allocated for UTS owned vehicles (eg pool vehicles or UTS buses) and faculties on an annual basis by the Manager, Security Services.

4.3 Normally, the Manager, Security Services will notify successful applicants by the end of March for the calendar year (April to March).

4.4 Parking spaces are not allocated to prospective staff, or as part of a contract of employment, except where expressly approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Services).

4.5 Successful parking applicants will be notified and granted access by UTS Security Services via a UTS access card. Access cards are registered to and authorised for use by specific drivers and vehicles.

4.6 Where the vehicle is owned by UTS, access cards are issued for the vehicle, for use by any appropriate authorised staff member.

4.7 A limited supply of designated motorcycle parking may be available in the Building 6 car park. Requests for motorcycle parking should be made by email from a UTS issued staff email address to the UTS Security Services email address.

4.8 Successful applicants for motorcycle parking will be notified via email and provided access via their UTS issued staff ID card.

4.9 Entry to and use of UTS car parks or parking spaces is entirely at the drivers own risk. Theft, loss or damage must be reported to the UTS Security Services for investigation.

4.10 UTS parking rights and access may be transferable (normally within a staff member’s faculty for the purposes of long service leave, resignations or secondments, etc). This must be requested in advance from the Manager, Security Services. Successful applicants will be notified in line with this policy.

4.11 Drivers using any UTS parking must comply with all signage and pavement markings that appear at car parks and marked bays.

4.12 University security staff have authorisation to issue general penalty notices under the Self-Enforcing Infringement Notice Scheme (SEINS). These notices are subject to enforcement by relevant legislative bodies and processing by Revenue NSW.

Accessibility requirements

4.13 Drivers who hold a current Mobility Parking Scheme permit (MPS) or Australian Disability Parking permit under the Australian Disability Parking Scheme (ADPS) are entitled to a UTS accessible parking permit.

4.14 A UTS accessible parking permit will be issued to students, staff and visitors upon presentation of a MPS permit or Australian Disability Parking permit, appropriate documentation and completion of the appropriate UTS forms.

4.15 Student Services Unit (SSU), in consultation with the Manager, Security Services are responsible for approval and allocation of UTS accessible parking permits to students.

4.16 Equity and Diversity Unit (EDU), in consultation with the Manager, Security Services are responsible for approval and allocation of UTS accessible parking permits to staff as outlined on staff vehicles parking on Staff Connect.

4.17 Visitors to UTS may request a temporary UTS accessible parking permit by contacting the UTS Security Office by email.

4.18 Staff and students who are in temporary need of a UTS accessible parking permit (ie for a period of less than three months) can apply for a UTS accessible parking permit from SSU (for students) or EDU (for staff).

4.19 A UTS accessible parking permit, MPS permit and/or Australian Disability Parking permit must be displayed at all times when parked in a designated accessible parking bay.

Parking outside UTS (commercial parking)

4.20 Where faculties or units require parking for staff in addition to that allocated by university, additional spaces may be rented or otherwise procured in line with:

Policy breaches

4.21 Parking of cars or motorcycles in unauthorised spaces, spaces designated for other vehicles and/or without approval and misuse of access cards will be investigated by UTS Security Services and where appropriate, managed as a breach of this policy.

4.22 Breaches of this policy are managed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Resources) under the university’s Code of Conduct and relevant enterprise agreements for university staff. Where a student is in breach of this policy, the issue will be managed in line with the section 16, Student Rules.

4.23 The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Resources) reserves the right to revoke parking access (temporarily or permanently) for any person in breach of this policy.

5. Policy ownership and support

5.1 Policy owner: The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Resources) is responsible for enforcement and compliance of this policy, ensuring that its principles and statements are observed. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Resources) is also responsible for the approval of any associated university level procedures including for the effective management of policy breaches by the UTS Security Services.

5.2 Policy contact: The Manager, Security Services is responsible for the implementation of this policy and acts as a primary point of contact for advice on fulfilling its provisions.

5.3 Others:

  • UTS security officers may issue Self-Enforcing Infringement Notices (SEIN) on behalf of the university.
  • Revenue NSW is the authority for the enforcement of SEIN issued by UTS security officers.

Parking authorities

Authority to approve Allocation and revocation of parking
Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)
  • Mobility Parking Scheme Authority Permit
  • Australian Disability Parking Permit
Manager, Security Services
  • Car and motorcycle parking spaces
  • Temporary suspension of car and motorcycle access
  • Permanent revocation of motorcycle access
Director, Student Services Unit
  • UTS accessible parking permit (for students)
Director, Equity and Diversity Unit
  • UTS accessible parking permit (for staff)
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Resources)
  • Temporary and permanent revocation of car and motorcycle parking access
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Services)
  • Prospective and current staff as part of a contract of employment

6. Definitions

The following definitions apply for this policy and the declaration form. These are in addition to the definitions outlined in Schedule 1, Student Rules.

Access cards means a swipe card provided by UTS Security Services which accesses allocated car parks.

Affiliates is defined in the Code of Conduct.

Applicants means any unit, faculty or individual who has applied to the Manager, Security Services for a UTS parking space. Applicants may or not be successful in their request.

Self-Enforcing Infringement Notice Scheme (SEINS) is a NSW Government system enabling accredited UTS security officers to issue on the spot fines for parking infringements. Infringements issued under this scheme have the same force as those issued on public streets. Payment of a fine notice should be made to Revenue NSW.

UTS accessible parking permit is issued to students, staff and visitors who present a current MPS permit, Australian Disability Parking permit or are temporarily incapacitated (for less than three months). Permits must be displayed at all times when parked in a designated accessible parking bay.

Approval information

Policy contacts Manager, Security Services
Approval authority Vice-Chancellor
Review date Three years from approval
File number UR20/1339
Superseded documents Parking at UTS Vice-Chancellor’s Directive 2005 (UR06/115)

Version history

Version Approved by Approval date Effective date Sections modified
1.0 Vice-Chancellor 04/08/2020 20/08/2020 New policy.

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Parking Policy (PDF 172KB)


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