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Policy Management Procedures

These procedures are current and enforceable, however are under review.




Procedural statements

Policy framework responsibility, ownership and support


Approval information

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1. Purpose

1.1 The Policy Management Procedures (the procedures) support the implementation of the Policy Framework (the framework).

2. Scope

2.1 The procedures apply to the development and management of all university-level policy and procedures at UTS under the scope of the framework.

2.2 The term ‘policy’ refers to both policy and university-level procedures for the purposes of this document.

3. Principles

3.1 The principles outlined in the framework apply to these procedures.

4. Procedural statements

4.1 Policy owners must contact the Governance Support Unit (GSU) before commencing the development, review or update of a policy.

4.2 GSU will determine a timeline based on the urgency of the matter, a risk assessment and existing policy priorities.

Development, review and drafting responsibilities

4.3 In line with the framework, GSU will provide advice and support to policy owners on:

  • benchmarking and research
  • the development and categorisation of policies
  • the development of supporting documentation.

4.4 It is the responsibility of policy owners to ensure compliance with legislation and to ensure policy currency. GSU will facilitate policy owners in determining the appropriate review and development process to address identified policy gaps.

4.5 GSU, in consultation with policy owners and contacts, will determine whether an existing policy requires:

  • substantial review or rewrite
  • minor amendments or changes
  • consolidation with other instruments
  • no changes (extension), or
  • rescission.

4.6 Policy owners and contacts act as subject matter experts and are responsible for providing the substantive content of the policy to GSU, including but not limited to:

  • the provision of relevant subject matter in the form of a content outline
  • details of any legislative impacts and compliance requirements
  • outlining relevant stakeholders and coordinating working group meetings
  • addressing implementation issues and requirements.

4.7 GSU are normally the principal policy writers and editors for all university-level policies published on the UTS Policy website. This role includes:

  • drafting a policy brief in consultation with the policy owner
  • requesting approval from the relevant Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • once approved, undertaking all writing and changes to the single authoritative version of the policy
  • determining timelines, approval pathways and authorities
  • drafting committee papers and approval papers
  • liaising with committee officers.

Development, review and drafting requirements

4.8 During the policy development and review process the following information is required as part of the formal approval documentation to inform the approval authority and to facilitate continuous improvement:

  • benchmarking
  • risk assessments
  • consultation steps
  • impact analysis
  • detailed implementation plans or training requirements
  • supporting mechanisms, such as software tools and webpages
  • policy owners and contacts
  • timelines
  • communication strategies, and
  • any necessary compliance, review and monitoring activities.

4.9 All drafting and reviews must take place on the single authoritative version and on the official template as managed by GSU.

Recordkeeping and data management responsibilities

4.10 GSU will facilitate policy owners and contacts in establishing and maintaining official TRIM files for policies and procedures in line with the framework for final versions of policies and university-level procedures.

4.11 Policy owners are responsible for the establishment and maintenance of all TRIM files for all implementation and operational activities under each policy or procedure.

4.12 GSU coordinates, manages and authorises publication of approved policies on the official UTS Policy website.

Implementation responsibilities

4.13 GSU will, upon publication on the official UTS Policy website, publish a staff notice as part of the implementation process and communicate with policy owners and contacts.

4.14 All other implementation processes (including training, systems development and administrative requirements) are the responsibility of the policy owner, however, advice and support is available upon request from GSU.

5. Policy framework responsibility, ownership and support

The statements in this section are consistent with the Delegations.

5.1 Responsible owner: The University Secretary and Director, Governance Support Unit (GSU), on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, is the owner of these procedures, in line with the framework, and for approving management tools and templates.

5.2 Procedural contact: The Senior Advisor, Governance and Policy is responsible for the implementation of these procedures and acts as the primary point of contact for:

  • advising on implementation of their provisions
  • establishing and maintaining the official file of the framework and the procedures
  • proposing amendments as required, and
  • managing the consultation process when the procedures are due for review.

5.3 The Governance Support Unit (GSU) will:

  • provide training and support to policy owners and contacts, and
  • facilitate policy working groups as required.

6. Definitions

These definitions apply for the procedures, as do the definitions outlined in Schedule 1, Student Rules and the Policy Framework.

Single authoritative version means the approved version of the UTS governance instrument published on the UTS website and managed by GSU.

Subject matter experts are individuals with specific skills and experience in a particular field or area who act in an advisory capacity as part of a policy development or review process.

Approval information

Policy contact Senior Advisor, Governance and Policy
Approval authority Director, Governance Support Unit and University Secretary
Review date 2020
File number UR17/3517
Superseded documents UTS Governance Instruments Development and Review Procedures (UR15/362)

Version history

Version Approved by Approval date Effective date Sections modified
1.0 Director, GSU 10/10/2017 24/11/2017 New.
1.1 Acting Director, GSU 23/11/2018 13/03/2019 General review and update.

PDF version

Policy Management Procedures (PDF)



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