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Strategic Planning and Improvement Framework

This framework is current and enforceable, however is under review.


The Strategic Planning and Improvement Framework outlines the way in which UTS systematically sets, monitors and reviews its strategic direction and priorities, and actively implements strategy through a range of planning, performance and improvement mechanisms and processes that align the university towards the achievement of the UTS purpose, vision and strategy.

The Strategic Planning and Improvement Framework is available (to UTS staff only) as a PDF document.

Dates Framework approved 19/08/2015
Framework takes effect 17/09/2015
Framework is due for review (up to five years) 09/2020
Approved by Council
Meeting 15/4, 19 August 2015
Resolution COU/15-4/76.3
Latest amendment by Director, Governance Support Unit (see change history for details)
Implementation Officer Director, Planning and Quality Unit
Relevant to UTS staff (access to Framework limited to UTS staff)
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File number UR 15/1191
Superseded documents Planning and Improvement Framework