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Student Declaration

This Student Declaration is a mandatory declaration completed by students during their enrolment at UTS.

  1. I accept, will comply with and be bound by all applicable laws, the UTS Act, By-law, Student Rules and policies (Laws) before, during and after my enrolment at UTS as applicable.
  2. I will behave in accordance with the Laws and the Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy at all times.
  3. I will complete any mandatory training or processes required by UTS within the required timeframe.
  4. I will provide truthful, accurate and complete information to UTS at all times, including, but not limited to, my bank accounts details if required by UTS for processing refunds and payments from UTS.
  5. I will, within five working days of making any changes:
    1. update my contact details through my online access via MyStudentAdmin, and
    2. notify the appropriate UTS office and/or Student Centre of:
      1. a change to my personal and/or contact information, and/or
      2. a change to my circumstances that might adversely affect the status of my enrolment or course progression.
  6. I understand that UTS depends on the truth, accuracy and completeness of any information provided by me before and during my enrolment at UTS. UTS is not responsible or liable for any errors resulting from untruthful, inaccurate or incomplete information provided by me.
  7. I accept that my UTS email address will be used for communications with UTS and that I am responsible for checking my UTS email account regularly. I agree that if I provide a phone number to UTS, it may also be used as a secondary form of communication with me.
  8. I am responsible for any UTS equipment and facilities that I use. I agree to pay for the repair or replacement of equipment or facilities damaged or lost while in my possession or use.
  9. I acknowledge that nothing in this Student Declaration affects the rights I have under consumer laws.
  10. If I am under 18 years of age when I commence my study at UTS, I agree that:
    1. I will comply with any age restrictions including those relating to any compulsory course components including professional experience and internships, and
    2. if required by law or regulation, I will obtain parental or guardian consent for any particular activity and provide that consent to UTS.


  1. I acknowledge that UTS collects personal information about me, including my image and my health information where relevant, to manage my studies and experience at UTS and to facilitate the provision of support, student services and housing where applicable.
  2. By enrolling at UTS, I understand that UTS will use and handle my personal information:
    1. to manage my enrolment, studies and progression through my course (including undertaking and completing subjects and placements), provide support, student services and housing where applicable, deal with conduct or grievance-related matters, and to facilitate graduation activities and UTS alumni affiliation
    2. for relevant UTS planning, research and quality improvement activities, which may include staff training, risk management, undertaking planning, research and statistical analysis, systems development and testing, and analysing student data to develop and improve marketing, student services and recruitment
    3. to manage security and access to UTS facilities, and to otherwise provide a safe and secure environment for me, other students, staff and members of the public
    4. to investigate my activities and take appropriate action in relation to an identified or potential serious threat or risk to me, other persons (students, staff, members of the public) or property
    5. to facilitate professional placements, internships or internship-like experiences
    6. to verify identity, prevent or investigate actual or suspected misconduct, fraud or crime or cases where it is suspected on reasonable grounds that misleading, incomplete or inaccurate information has been provided by me as part of my application or enrolment at UTS
    7. where required or authorised under applicable laws or regulations, and/or
    8. for any additional use where I have provided consent, such as where my consent is required to collect and handle sensitive categories of my personal information such as my health information.
  3. My personal information may also be collected by UTS from relevant third parties for purposes relating to my studies or otherwise in accordance with the Laws including all matters referred to in clause 12 above.
  4. I understand that UTS is proactive in providing support to its students. I acknowledge that my and other students’ personal information, academic performance and engagement with UTS services and facilities may be reviewed so that additional services and facilities can be offered to me to support my studies.
  5. In enrolling at UTS, I understand that UTS will disclose my personal information to a person or body external to UTS where:
    1. disclosure is required or permitted by law, or is required to fulfil mandatory or contractual reporting requirements to Commonwealth and state government departments, statutory and regulatory bodies and their legitimate agents, acknowledging that the personal information disclosed to such bodies may be shared among various government agencies and bodies for the purpose of improving the provision of higher education, training and research
    2. disclosure is a contractual reporting requirement to sponsors, exchange partners and/or agents if I am an international student
    3. disclosure is required for the purpose of arranging and managing student exchange or other cross-institutional studies I may be considering or be part of
    4. disclosure is made for reasons associated with my enrolment or graduation from UTS, including for the purpose of ActivateUTS and Students' Association elections, professional experience, internships or internship-like experiences, and University Admissions Centre (UAC) requirements
    5. disclosure is required to provide me with support services or housing
    6. information is either disclosed to or managed by a contracted third party providing services to UTS, or the Commonwealth or state governments or their agencies, or Universities Australia, including but not limited to service providers for storage, website or information systems, backup or disaster recovery, or surveys commissioned by or mandated by UTS, and/or
    7. I have provided consent for my information to be otherwise disclosed.
  6. I can access, correct or update information held about me:
    1. via MyStudentAdmin, or
    2. by contacting my relevant faculty or the Student Administration Unit, or
    3. by contacting Student Records at
  7. Further information on how UTS collects, uses, discloses and retains personal or health information is available from Privacy at UTS and in the university’s Privacy Policy.

Note: If you are or will be a student based in the European Economic Area, read additional clauses 18–23. All other students should skip to the acknowledgement section below.


  1. If you are or will be a student based in the European Economic Area (EEA), because, for example, you will study there while enrolled at UTS or you live there and will enrol with UTS or it otherwise is offering you its services, and UTS collects and processes your personal information for these purposes, this notice is provided in addition to the above privacy notice in order to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) notice requirements.
  1. UTS relies on the following legal grounds in the GDPR to process your personal information:
    1. with your consent. In certain circumstances, UTS may only collect, use and process your personal information for the purpose(s) for which you have given your valid or explicit consent, which UTS will obtain before processing your information. This includes sensitive categories of personal information, such as health information. You can withdraw your consent by contacting
    2. in connection with our agreement with you or to perform our obligations under a contract with you in relation to your enrolment or other services we provide
    3. if it is necessary for UTS's legitimate interests and does not override your rights and interest. This may include for any of purposes set out at clauses 12 and 15 above.

Storage of data

  1. UTS primarily stores your personal information in Australia. Where data is stored outside Australia, data storage is undertaken in line with an enforceable contract with the storage provider or with your express consent. While Australia is not considered by the European Commission to be a country with equivalent privacy protections to the GDPR, UTS will take steps to protect your personal data transferred from the EEA and transfer it to other third parties in a manner consistent with legal requirements applicable to the information. We will do this by:
    1. meeting the requirements of an exception in the GDPR, such as obtaining your consent, or
    2. asking the recipient of personal information from UTS to sign a contract based on 'standard contractual clauses' approved by the European Commission, requiring them to protect your personal information.

Your additional rights and choices

  1. You can:
    1. obtain information about the processing of your personal information by UTS
    2. ask UTS to erase your personal information without undue delay in certain circumstances such as if you withdraw your consent and UTS is not otherwise legally entitled to retain it
    3. object to, and ask UTS to restrict, the processing of your personal information in certain circumstances, for example, while UTS verifies your assertion that information is inaccurate or if we are processing your information for our legitimate interests or for direct marketing purposes (UTS may be legally entitled to refuse that request)
    4. in some circumstances, such as where UTS is processing your information with your consent, receive some personal information you have given us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and/or ask us to transmit it to someone else if technically possible or feasible
    5. withdraw your consent. However, UTS may be able to continue processing without your consent if there is another legitimate reason to do so
    6. lodge a complaint with the relevant European data protection authority if you think that any of your rights have been infringed by UTS. We can, on request, tell you the relevant authority for the processing of your personal information.

Retention of your personal information

  1. UTS will generally retain information collected in the course of providing its services for minimum legal retention obligations specified under general retention and disposal authorities issued under the State Records Act 1998 (NSW), or otherwise as required for UTS's business operations or by other applicable laws. UTS may need to retain certain personal information:
    1. to identify you
    2. to provide you a copy of your academic transcript or a reference
    3. for qualification verification purposes
    4. to issue or resolve legal claims, and/or
    5. for proper recordkeeping purposes.
  2. UTS may also retain a record of any stated objection by you to receiving marketing about its services or activities or withdrawal of your consent for the purpose of ensuring we can continue to respect your wishes.


I have read and understood this declaration and the privacy notice above. I agree to them while I am a student, before, during and after my enrolment at UTS (as applicable).

I acknowledge that UTS reserves the right to amend, update and repeal this declaration, its rules and its policies from time to time and that these changes take effect from the date of publication (unless otherwise specified).

I acknowledge that failure to comply with this declaration once made may have consequences that impact on my enrolment.

Approval information

Policy contact Director, Student Administration Unit
Approval authority Provost
Review date 2021
File number UR13/504

Version history

Version Approved by Approval date Effective date Sections modified
1 Registrar 02/2013 22/02/2013 New version
1.1 Council, COU/14-5/106 15/10/2014 11/08/2016 Consequential changes to align with changes to the Student Rules
Director, Governance Support Unit (GSU) 27/05/2016 11/08/2016 Changes (approved under Delegation 3.17) to update references to the role of Registrar (part of the 2014 restructure)
2 Acting Provost 31/08/2018 08/09/2018 Revision of all declaration content, including updating of privacy content, separation of privacy elements and inclusion of additional provisions for students based in the EEA.
2.1 Director, Governance Support Unit 05/06/2019 20/06/2019 Updated references to the new Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy (replacing the Student Charter). Acknowledgement that laws are subject to change from time to time. Updated template and applied style guide.

PDF version

Student Declaration (PDF).