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1. Purpose

1.1 This policy outlines the process for managing the temporary exclusion of a student from specific facilities and/or activities in line with Rule 16.9, Student Rules.

2. Scope

2.1 This policy applies to all UTS staff and students and should be used to manage inappropriate behaviour or incidents by students on campus, clinical practice or placements, fieldwork excursions, practical experience, internships or in any other university setting or activity.

2.2 This policy operates in conjunction with published industry codes. Students may be temporarily excluded from clinical and professional healthcare placements if they contravene those codes (see AHPRA Procedures).

2.3 This policy should be read in conjunction with Rule 16.9, Student Rules, the Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy and the Equity, Inclusion and Respect Policy.

3. Principles

3.1 This policy and the Student Rules do not describe every type of behaviour that might occur. Staff should be fair and use good judgement when managing the temporary exclusion of a student.

3.2 Staff must adhere to the staff Code of Conduct.

3.3 Students must adhere to the Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy.

3.4 UTS will not condone any unsafe or unreasonable behaviour that may hurt others and/or damage facilities or property.

3.5 This policy may be used separately from, or where necessary, in conjunction with other student misconduct proceedings under Section 16, Student Rules, or conditions established under Rule 2.1.9.

4. Policy statements

Temporary exclusion circumstances

4.1 For safety reasons, there may be circumstances where staff need to immediately temporarily exclude a student from facilities and/or activities. This is permitted under Rule 16.9, Student Rules and this policy.

4.2 Where practical, it may be appropriate to warn the student that their behaviour could lead to such exclusions before application of the rule and policy.

4.3 Rule 16.9 and this policy should not be used where students (without also engaging in behaviour outlined in Rule 16.9.1):

  • criticise, hold and/or express different opinions or beliefs, where the opinion or belief is not discriminatory or seen as harassment or bullying
  • express strong disagreement with an opinion conveyed by staff or other student(s)
  • do not participate in class
  • express a lifestyle choice, which can include style of dress or mannerisms (except where that would pose a serious threat of harm to the student or others or is in breach of the Equity, Inclusion and Respect Policy)
  • fail to bring the relevant material to class
  • sleep during class (where other criteria such as being a danger to self or others are not present).

4.4 While some of the above behaviours may not result in a student being temporarily excluded, it may be appropriate for staff to discuss the incident with the student.

4.5 Staff may where appropriate or required, refer the student to specialised units within UTS, such as the UTS Counselling Service for further support. More information can be found on reporting and referring, Student Services.

Managing a temporary exclusion

4.6 Staff who exclude a student under Rule 16.9 must immediately notify their line manager who will report the exclusion to the Director, Governance Support Unit (GSU) outlining the:

  • circumstance, behaviour or incident that resulted in the exclusion
  • period of exclusion, and
  • facility or activity from which the student was excluded.

4.7 Written notification will be sent by the UTS Student Misconduct and Appeals Team to the student’s UTS email address acknowledging and outlining the reason for the exclusion.

4.8 The staff member or line manager, with advice from the Student Misconduct and Appeals Team, may decide whether the incident should also:

4.9 All decisions should be recorded on the student’s file.

Safety and security

4.10 Any incident resulting in temporary exclusion that also involves actual or potential harm, injury or damage, must also be reported via HIRO (UTS’s hazard and incident report system).

4.11 Whenever necessary, or where mandatory reporting is required, staff should contact UTS security or the NSW police.

5. Policy ownership and support

5.1 Policy owner: The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students) acts as the Vice-Chancellor’s nominee in relation to student misconduct and is responsible for policy enforcement and compliance, ensuring that its principles and statements are observed, and approval of any associated university level procedures.

5.2 Policy contact: The Director, Governance Support Unit is the primary point of contact for advice on implementing and administering this policy, establishing and maintaining the official file, proposing amendments as required and managing the consultation process when this policy is due for review.

6. Definitions

The following definitions apply for this policy. Other terms used in this policy are defined in Schedule 1, Student Rules.

Activity means any activity related to UTS to which a student has access on or off campus, for any university purpose. This includes, but is not limited to, lectures, tutorials, workshops, professional experiences or placements, fieldwork, sporting or social activities

Line manager means the unit director, centre director, head of school or dean as appropriate.

Staff is defined in the Code of Conduct and for the purposes of this policy, includes officers of the university as defined in Schedule 1, Student Rules.

Approval information

Policy contact Director, Governance Support Unit
Approval authority Academic Board
Review date 2022
File number UR19/2773
Superseded documents Guidelines for Temporary Exclusion of a Student from Facilities and/or Participation in Activities (2014)

Version history

Version Approved by Approval date Effective date Sections modified
1.0 Academic Board (AB/19-5/96) 13/11/2019 05/03/2020 New policy

PDF version

Temporary Exclusion Policy (PDF 108kb)



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