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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance provides governance support and advice to Council and Academic Board and their standing committees. It aims to ensure that the business of the university conducted through the peak governance bodies is facilitated in accordance with the UTS Act, UTS By-law, General Rules, Standing Orders, and relevant Council resolutions and committee constitutions.

To facilitate the work of these central decision-making bodies and committees, Corporate Governance staff are assigned a committee and project workload, among other duties. Responsibilities include working with the committee chair and relevant Deputy Vice-Chancellors and senior staff to ensure the strategic agenda and operation of the committee are run effectively (see the UTS Committees Guide (PDF 348kb) for a general guide and reference material on UTS committee functions).

Corporate Governance conducts formal university elections on behalf of the University Secretary, who is specified as the Returning Officer in the UTS Act. Information on elections, including contact details for inquiries, is available at UTS Elections.

Corporate Governance also administers the UTS Delegations and all of the university's policies and directives (see Delegations and UTS Policy).

For advice about Corporate Governance activities, contact the Deputy Director (Corporate Governance) and Deputy University Secretary. See GSU staff and contact details for contact information.

Committees supported by Corporate Governance

See Committee Dates 2021 (PDF 169kb, Staff Connect) for all Committee meeting dates.

Committees/bodies Committee contact Further information
Council Deborah Crook Council
Audit and Risk Committee Richard Birrell Audit and Risk Committee
Commercial Activities Committee Deborah Crook Commercial Activities Committee
Finance Committee Matt Robinson Finance Committee
Governance Committee Deborah Crook Governance Committee
Honorary Awards Committee Deborah Crook Honorary Awards Committee
Joint Subcommittee of Audit and Risk Committee and Finance Committee Matt Robinson Joint Subcommittee of Audit and Risk Committee and Finance Committee
Nominations Committee Deborah Crook Nominations Committee
Physical Infrastructure Committee Matt Robinson Physical Infrastructure Committee
Student/Council Liaison Group Andrew Gardoll Student/Council Liaison Group
Academic Board Liezel Swart Academic Board
Admissions Non-disclosure Appeals Committee Jenny Luong Admissions Non-disclosure Appeals Committee
Courses Accreditation Committee Divya Murthy Courses Accreditation Committee
Executive Committee of Academic Board Liezel Swart Executive Committee
Graduate Research Students' Appeals Committee Jenny Luong Graduate Research Students' Appeals Committee
Higher Degree Research Board Andrew Gardoll Higher Degree Research Board
Internships Appeals Committee Jenny Luong Internships Appeals Committee
Research Committee Elbreg Zwaan Research Committee
Teaching and Learning Committee Elbreg Zwaan Teaching and Learning Committee
Management committees
Courses Planning Committee Divya Murthy Courses Planning Committee
Various Indigenous committees Jenny Luong Indigenous committees are supported as part of a specific GSU/Jumbunna knowledge transfer program in support of the UTS Indigenous Policy.