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Protocol for use of the UTS Stamp

UTS Council approved the creation of the UTS Stamp (COU/13-4/54).

The University Secretary may apply the UTS Stamp at his/her discretion.

Anyone authorised to use the UTS Stamp must comply with the Conditions of Use (see below).

The University Secretary authorises the following UTS staff to apply the UTS Stamp to the documents listed below for the approved reasons:

  1. Director, UTS International
  2. Manager, International Recruitment
  3. Manager, Mobility and Student Services
  4. Manager, International Relations and Policy
  5. Student Services Coordinator
  6. Exchange Coordinator
  7. Study Abroad Coordinator
  8. Sponsored Students Coordinator
  9. Sponsored Student Officer
  10. Study Abroad Officer
  11. Exchange Officer
  12. International Client Services Officer

Type of documents where the UTS Stamp may be used and the approved reason

Documents Reason for UTS Stamp to be used
1. Letter of Offer for international sponsored students Required by sponsoring bodies (government agencies and not individual sponsor), as evidence of offer by UTS, for consideration and confirmation of sponsoring arrangements.
2. Various government loan forms: usually for Canadian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, and German government sponsored students Study abroad and full degree study applicants applying for funding or scholarships from their home country. The government forms require a stamp.
3. International exchange documents for inbound students for their home university (study plan forms / confirmation of arrival/ completion forms) Inbound exchange students from some partners are required to have arrival forms and their study plans forms signed and stamped for their home university.

Conditions of Use

Only the University Secretary can issue a stamp. No additional copies of the UTS Stamp can be created or obtained.

The UTS Stamp must be kept in a secure location.

The authorised UTS staff member affixing the Stamp must sign and insert the date of signing.

The University Secretary is to be notified as soon as possible if the UTS Stamp is misplaced and cannot be found.