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Schedule: Teaching and Learning Committee — election of academic staff

This is the schedule for the election of academic staff to the Teaching and Learning Committee.

The schedule specifies the term of office, electorate, dates for nominations and ballot, Returning Officer and election rules. It also includes the nomination form that should be used to nominate as a candidate in this election, and information about Teaching and Learning Committee.

For the election of

Academic staff three positions

Term of office

Two years: 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2024


Candidates Any academic staff member (continuing or fixed-term) (not necessarily members of Academic Board) can stand as a candidate (UTS General Rules, G3, 22(1)(b)).


Only members of the 2023 Academic Board are eligible to nominate candidates and to vote.

A list of the 2023 Academic Board members can be found here.


  • Open Tuesday 11 October 2022
  • Close at 3pm Tuesday 25 October 2022

Nomination form

To nominate a candidate in this election use the nomination form: Teaching and Learning Committee — election of academic staff (111kb PDF).


  • Open Tuesday 8 November 2022
  • Close at 3pm Tuesday 22 November 2022

A ballot is required if more valid nominations are received than positions vacant. Ballots will take place in UTS: Elections Online Polling Booth.

The names of candidates and candidate statements will be made available in voting before the ballot opens.

Returning Officer

University Secretary, William Paterson

Election rules

Academic Board committees (University General Rules, G3, Part 1, Division 5)

Elections (University General Rules, G3, Part 3)


Participants in elections (candidates, their representatives and voters) are expected to follow the same high standard of conduct and behaviour during the campaign process as is expected on campus generally. The behaviour of election candidates and their representatives should meet expected standards of conduct. See Code of Conduct for UTS Elections.

Concerns about security due to election-related conduct should be reported to UTS Security. Phone +61 2 9514 1192, or dial ‘6’ on any UTS phone.


The results of these elections will be made available in results around two weeks after close of voting, following the declaration of poll by the Returning Officer (Rule G3-36(3) and (4)).

About Teaching and Learning Committee

Terms of reference Refer to Teaching and Learning Committee.
Number of meetings The Committee meets at least six times per year.
Composition The Committee consists of ex officio members, nominated members, elected staff members and elected student members.
Membership term The length of Committee membership will be two years for staff and one year for students.
Further information

For elections contact the Electoral Officer:
telephone 02 9514 1235

For Teaching and Learning Committee contact the Committee Officer:
telephone 02 9514 9811